Thursday, May 14, 2009

That Old Time Montparnesse- Cercle Rouge

Just days before the eagerly awaited Taste of Tribeca (this coming Saturday, May 16!) a reader fills us in on the Cercle Rouge experience:

I was having serious flashbacks in Cercle Rouge the other day--it feels like a bit of Montparnesse. Bistros and brasseries are a dime-a-dozen in Manhattan but this one has a real air of authenticity. The chef, who makes regular rounds of the tables, confirms that he's genuine--hailing from Toulouse. I had a rich duck stew with green olives and a nice glass of red. It made me very happy on a rainy day. If it were a nicer day I would have loved sitting in the sidewalk cafe. I can see this becoming a regular stop. Great options for kids too--serious french fries of course.

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