Monday, May 4, 2009

Petrarca Cucina e Vino- Outdoor Seating!

A Taste of Tribeca reader (and dedicated citizen!) starts off the day at jury duty and ends it with an enjoyable meal (outdoors) at Petrarca Cucina e Vino. It is, quite possibly, the happiest jury duty tale ever told:

I was in the area serving jury duty and was released early. Deciding to celebrate a little, I set off towards a lunch in the sunshine since it was a gorgeous Spring day. After wandering into TriBeCa I saw this place as I neared Canal Street. It had outdoor seating along the sidewalk and a nice lunch menu - salads, individual pizzas, pastas, a burger etc, and also a wine list that sold a vast and interesting array of 1/4 bottles (Italian mostly.) Exactly what I was looking for! A friendly, very pretty waitress sat me outdoors at a table (I was solo), which was along a row of them that wrapped around the corner. Soon I was brought water, delicious crusty bread and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and menus. I got the lunch omelette - goat cheese and herbs, and a 1/4 bottle of a delicious white wine which I think was called Tribbiano. The omelette was perfectly prepared - fluffy and light, and it came with perfectly crispy french fries and a small salad. Sitting there, people watching, enjoying the weather and the food and wine, I practically felt like I was in Europe (although the view of the iron front buildings is pure NYC). I had a very nice lunch, the service was very good, and the prices seemed fair. The only nit pick I would have is that you can only buy wine by the 1/4 bottle - but hey that's no big deal! Recommended!

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