Saturday, May 16, 2009

Taste of Tribeca Newcomer- Bar Artisanal

Today's the day! Taste of Tribeca 2009 will be on Duane and Greenwich from 11:30- 3:00 today! Another of our readers has written a recommendation of one of this year's newcomers- Bar Artisanal. Happy Eating!

A foodie friend invited me to Bar Artisanal the week it opened. Chef Brennan was in the house and stopping by the tables. What did I like best? This is a tough one. Pristine scallops lightly dressed in citrus and jalapeno. One scallop remained to be divided among the four of us--it was so good we cut it into 4 tiny wedges. Then, there's the cheese. If Artisanal is doing something with cheese, just order it. The mushroom flatbread (can't really call it pizza) might have won my heart. It was drizzled with white truffle honey. I confess to taking more than my share. The room is open and airy. It was hopping with people happy to welcome this uptown chef to Tribeca. Bar Artisanal is a great fit for the neighborhood.

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