Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Another offering from The Forklifter:

Tucked away on a quite stretch of Church Street is Kori, a great oasis for Korean cooking. You won't find the table-top grills here (but I'm always wary of having to do that much work when I'm eating out--the novelty wears off quickly). We stopped into Kori for lunch the other day to discover a great bargain and a newly redecorated space. First off, a bowl of steaming savory broth is brought to your table when you sit down. The lunch special is generous bento-box style. I opted for the smoky spicy chicken, which was as promised. There were dumplings, salad, noodles and rice. Ten bucks. And there were several variations. My favorite part of the meal might have been their special fruited iced drinks- incredibly refreshing and loaded with slices of asian citrus Yuzu. Perfect counterpart to the cuisine and the muggy days that await us.

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