Monday, February 25, 2008

The Harrison - Academy Award supporting role?

AM-NY did a photo series on notable movies and the NYC restaurants seen in the films prior to Sunday night's Academy Awards show. First in the gallery was Tribeca's The Harrison, which played a part in the filming of Academy Award winning film "Michael Clayton". (Sigh) ....if we could all look so good dining there.

Townley Named as 'Taste' Host

Bob Townley, the gregarious Lower Manhattan do-gooder and director of Manhattan Youth Center, has been named the Band Stage host for the Taste of Tribeca this year. We're very excited to have Bob once again participate with us, as he's been involved in past Taste fests.

(photo from Tribeca Trib)

Bob was featured on WCBS recently for his work with Manhattan Youth. Click here to watch the clip.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Chanterelle's David Waltuck - Happy 30th Anniversary!

Congratulations to David Waltuck of Tribeca longtime restaurant Chanterelle, who celebrates his 30 years of cooking great food there this month. He spoke to NY Times' Frank Bruni last week about the ins and outs of it all.

"What’s the best New York City restaurant that no one talks about? (We’ll trust you not to plug a friend.)

Congee Bowery.

You did something awful and are sentenced to die. Dead Chef Walking! What’s your final meal — and we’re not talking five or six courses, though you can have dessert — before you go?

A really good rare hamburger, extra bacon, crisp French fries with mayo and a good Rhone. No dessert."

The Odeon Burger

Noted food writers Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page are blogging on a range of food and restaurant items. The pair offer up their picks from bubbly rose for all the lovers out there this Valentine's Day.

They highlighted the famous Odeon burger a while back - I've reprinted their post below.

"On Sunday afternoon, we went out for a late lunch with fellow author friends who live in Tribeca. Walking into the Odeon, we were happy to see one of New York's most talented* chefs Tom Valenti ('Cesca, Ouest) out enjoying a bite with his lovely wife. (*NOTE: We refer to his culinary giftedness as well as his lesser-known comic talents.)

Asking them what on earth could pull them so far downtown from their Upper West Side locale, we looked at their identical plates and learned: Odeon's hamburger! After interviewing Tom for our show "Chef's Night Out" and learning of his excellent taste in hamburgers (e.g. he's a fellow fan of Big Nick's), there was no way were we leaving without ordering one — and, lo and behold, they were right: It was fabulous!"

The Odeon is at 145 West Broadway (bet. Thomas & Duane), New York. (212) 233-0507.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Viet Cafe - A little taste of Southeast Asia on Greenwich St.

A Tribeca parent chimes in today with her take on Viet Cafe

"When the wind is roaring down Greenwich Street on a winter afternoon, I've been ducking into Viet Cafe with my daughter for lunch. We're there so often that the waiter doesn't even bother with the menu anymore. I move around a bit in my appetizer choices but I absolutely crave their grilled chicken noodle bowl.

"Like a lot of things on their menu, it sounds very simple, but they manage to make the combination of cucumbers, carrots, grilled chicken, fresh herbs, and wheat noodles completely addicting. There's a citrusy sauce that brings the whole thing together. The chicken packs a little heat from chili. The proportions and textures are spot on and I find myself digging out every last morsel with my chopsticks. It is utterly satisfying and yet I feel virtuous for ordering it because it seems so healthy and light (please let it be healthy and light because I've put away dozens of portions in the last few months).

"My 7 year old adores the shredded chicken and bean thread noodle soup. When it arrives, she spends a minute just inhaling the fragrance. Don't get me started on their shrimp fried rice. Nobody seems to make like it this anymore. When I step back out onto Greenwich Street at least I've had a brief vacation in Southeast Asia."