Monday, February 4, 2008

Viet Cafe - A little taste of Southeast Asia on Greenwich St.

A Tribeca parent chimes in today with her take on Viet Cafe

"When the wind is roaring down Greenwich Street on a winter afternoon, I've been ducking into Viet Cafe with my daughter for lunch. We're there so often that the waiter doesn't even bother with the menu anymore. I move around a bit in my appetizer choices but I absolutely crave their grilled chicken noodle bowl.

"Like a lot of things on their menu, it sounds very simple, but they manage to make the combination of cucumbers, carrots, grilled chicken, fresh herbs, and wheat noodles completely addicting. There's a citrusy sauce that brings the whole thing together. The chicken packs a little heat from chili. The proportions and textures are spot on and I find myself digging out every last morsel with my chopsticks. It is utterly satisfying and yet I feel virtuous for ordering it because it seems so healthy and light (please let it be healthy and light because I've put away dozens of portions in the last few months).

"My 7 year old adores the shredded chicken and bean thread noodle soup. When it arrives, she spends a minute just inhaling the fragrance. Don't get me started on their shrimp fried rice. Nobody seems to make like it this anymore. When I step back out onto Greenwich Street at least I've had a brief vacation in Southeast Asia."

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