Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Soda Shop, The Cosmopolitan Cafe, BonBon Chicken

The Soda Shop & The Cosmopolitan Cafe: Breakfast Any Weekend

"Many Saturday or Sunday mornings, Grandma J. and Grandpa D. whisk my two girls off for breakfast before the rest of us are out of bed. The routine seems to split these visits between The Soda Shop (now run by Linda Donahue) and its new cousin around the corner The Cosmopolitan Cafe (owned by Craig Bero). Both places were decorated by Craig with found treasures, artifacts and antiques. The girls go for pancakes or a pastry (the sweeter the better in their mind). Grandma J. recommends the Eggs Florentine if it is on the menu at The Soda Shop. Both places have great cappuccinos and tons of homemade charm -- a welcome contrast to the Starbucks next door."

Bon Bon Chicken: No Time to Cook Thursday, Jan. 10th

Yes, it is takeout, but Bon Bon cooks to order (call ahead) which makes it fresh. My three kids would eat this every night if I'd let them. Even my good friend who's child only eats 3 things likes Bon Bon's chicken strips. I'm a fan of the spicy drumsticks. Add a salad when you get home and you have an easy no cook meal.

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