Thursday, January 3, 2008

winter recipes from tribeca chefs

we have some winter recipes from our favorite taste of tribeca chefs......from blaue gans, roast goose with prunes.......tribeca grill is now serving grilled dry aged rib eye steak for 4. yes , for 4!! chef _____ says it's really a classic "cote du boeuf", each steak is 3 1/2 pounds.....

roast goose with prunes
'after a day of hunting, chef k.g. comes home with a winter goose....with all the squawk about foi gras, k.g. says geese are plentiful, underappreciated, and rarely cooked by americans...
1 fresh goose, plucked
2 pounds prunes, organic, of course

dry aged rib eye steak for 4
don't believe what the menu says: this can really feed 6-8....and that's on an empty stomach.
1- 3 1/2 pound dry aged ribe eye steak, bone in, tied by the butcher
lots of salt and pepper
one hot oven.....

this is a playful example of what a recipe entry could be like

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