Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Odeon Burger

Noted food writers Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page are blogging on a range of food and restaurant items. The pair offer up their picks from bubbly rose for all the lovers out there this Valentine's Day.

They highlighted the famous Odeon burger a while back - I've reprinted their post below.

"On Sunday afternoon, we went out for a late lunch with fellow author friends who live in Tribeca. Walking into the Odeon, we were happy to see one of New York's most talented* chefs Tom Valenti ('Cesca, Ouest) out enjoying a bite with his lovely wife. (*NOTE: We refer to his culinary giftedness as well as his lesser-known comic talents.)

Asking them what on earth could pull them so far downtown from their Upper West Side locale, we looked at their identical plates and learned: Odeon's hamburger! After interviewing Tom for our show "Chef's Night Out" and learning of his excellent taste in hamburgers (e.g. he's a fellow fan of Big Nick's), there was no way were we leaving without ordering one — and, lo and behold, they were right: It was fabulous!"

The Odeon is at 145 West Broadway (bet. Thomas & Duane), New York. (212) 233-0507.

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