Friday, April 3, 2009


One of our readers was kind enough to alert us to an exciting new menu at Rosanjin. It is called Ju Bako and it is "for when one doesn't have time for a two hour dinner but still feels like giving oneself a refreshing gift." The Ju Baku experience offers a tempting array of items such as Temari Sushi, Grilled Yellow Tail, and Steamed Gabocha (Japanese Pumpkin) among others. This is from our good friend:

I love this place. I have had one of the most extravagant dinners of my life here and have also had an event catered and am amazed by the quality of the food and the presentation. I just received an e-mail alert about a new offering at Rosanjin and cannot wait to try it out. Check out this special offer:

The name of this special menu is Ju Bako : ten boxes, because only ten of them are offered a day.

*Ju Bako requires a reservation and a full payment at least a day in advance.

*Ju Bako is $28 per order, not including beverage, gratuity and tax.

*Reservation for Ju Bako is available only from 6pm to 7pm

For further information or to make a reservation, call 212-346-0664.

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