Friday, March 6, 2009

Chef Russell Moss Quietly Cooks for This Cafe

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Why does Cafe 92Y Tribeca always smell so buttery when I go in? A surprisingly diverse menu is offered: from Poached Tuscan Eggs in the morning to Slow-cooked Yellowfin Tuna in the evenings. Beer and wine (not too mention a very serious cup of hot-chocolate) are available. Perfect for the Y's new sing-along movie nights! Definitely worth the walk up Hudson to Vestry to sprawl on their comfy couches and nosh on wasabi deviled eggs. Just what the neighborhood needed...and why is the food so good? Long time NYC chef and instructor, Russell Moss, is the chef behind the food!

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GoBarack said...

Many thanks for the post about 92Y Tribeca. I ate lunch there for the first time on Monday and it was fantastic. I had the E.L.T., which is a cleverly named vegetarian spin on the classic BLT with crispy eggplant replacing the bacon. The sandwich came with wonderful, dairy free potato salad. They use red skin potatoes - a mark that Chef Russell is a true culinarian. It also came with pickled green beans that were still a bit crunchy and not over pickled. Oh, I had a beer, but don't tell anyone. A clean restaurant, friendly staff, an open kitchen and great food is a recipe for success. 92Y, welcome to the neighborhood and keep up the good work.