Wednesday, February 25, 2009


When a dinning experience exceeds your expectations one can't help but feel it is a value at any price. Here is what one of our readers had to say about a recent dinner at Corton:

Taking a former boss to dinner was really just an excuse to have dinner at Corton. We were fans of the previous Montrachet, but this new restaurant has taken destination-eating to a whole new level. The reconfigured dining room is gorgeous--I couldn't stop looking at the white, embossed wall-covering. The ceilings seem higher, there's a small window to peek into the new kitchen and the sound-levels are soft and merciful. But it's really about the food and Corton does not disappoint. The New York Times recently touted the "From the Garden" appetizer and I have to agree that it was the single most amazing plate of food I've had in ages. Featuring a composition of different vegetables, each prepared uniquely, every bite was a revelation. I made vague attempts to offer a taste to my dining companions and was relieved that they didn't take me up on it. I also took the opportunity to have pheasant, rarely on NYC menus and it was beautifully prepared. We used the cell phone to snap pictures of the stunning dessert: an earl-grey infused Vacherin in the shape of a snail. The wine-list, with a generous spectrum of prices, was a bonus. I'll be looking for an excuse to go back.

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