Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tribeca Treats

A local parent describes a happy indulgence:

"If I walk down Reade Street with the kids, I have to expect a "PLEEEASE!". I know what they're talking about without any more details. Translation: "Can we stop at Tribeca Treats?" And it is a treat--these are not the kind of cookies you'll see at the school bake sales (and certainly not coming out of my kitchen). These are exquisite, caramel-filled, or ganache filled sandwich cookies ( a description that hardly does them justice). And I don't feel so bad about splurging--I suspect the ingredients used are top-quality and hardly the stuff you'll find in the shrink-wrapped chocolate chip cookies at the deli. They're dainty and satisfying without inducing guilt. For a place that deals in so much sugar there's a calm serene atmosphere: a table to sit at and cookbooks to peruse. So okay, sometimes we all need a treat."

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