Thursday, April 17, 2008


When good food mingles with a beautiful space and attentive service you have the makings of a loyal patron and excellent word of mouth from one of our readers:

"We had a great dinner at Pepolino last night. I have actually not been here for sometime and I don't know why. The food is fabulous and the space is beautiful. Both of us each had one of the specials, my friend had the risotto which was amazing and I had the branzino, perfectly cooked and really tasty. When we got there we told the server that we had theater tickets so we only had an hour and we were still able to fit in three courses without feeling rushed. We finished with espresso and chocolate cake. I even had time to chat with Enzo, one of the owners, on my way out. Now that I have rediscovered this place, I plan to become a regular, like most of the patrons who were there last night."

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acmesarah said...

I get serious cravings for Pepolino's. For one thing, the tomato confit they give away alongside their bread is seriously addicting. But it's the cheesecake that I dream about. Not the typical chalky NY-style stuff you get everywhere else--this is light and creamy. Actually, all their desserts are swoon-worthy