Monday, July 14, 2008

Rosanjin- Tribeca

Rosanjin promises "The Gift of Food", a feast of seasonal colors and flavors served in a beautiful setting. Could there be a better way to enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine? Here is what one of our readers had to say about this culinary journey to Kyoto:

"I had the pleasure of dining here last night and I have to say it was one of the best dinners I have ever had. The room is beautiful and the service was impeccable. My friend and I ordered a variety of dishes from the al a carte menu which is brand new and very exciting. This is not your every day sushi place. This is authentic Japanese cuisine served by expert staff in a beautiful atmosphere. Over the course of 3.5 hours we sampled sesame tofu, tuna, sea urchin, an assortment of tempura, abalone, and salads. My favorite was the dourade. The sake was flowing and the desserts were homemade and even though we were completely full, we found room to sample the pumpkin and strawberry ice cream. I cannot say enough about this place except that I am looking forward to my next experience and bringing all of my friends."

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xiao said...

" of the best dinners I have ever had." Hearing comments like this, you can't help wondering how badly people eat.