Friday, May 2, 2008

Cercle Rouge

A good bistro can elicit a sigh of relief from a hungry, world-weary diner. An opinion from The New York Times' Frank Bruni can tell you a lot but somehow it just doesn't mean as much as a recommendation from a neighbor. Here is what one of our readers has to say about Cercle Rouge.

"Finally, something real, warm and cozy. The fantastic food doesn't hurt either, everything I have ever ordered here is fantastic, best steak around, my husband and I usually share the 34oz prime rib for two. We introduced ourselves to the Chef, Pierre, who very graciously spent a few minutes at our table. The rest of the staff is very friendly too. Just a very nice, casual bistro, no attitude here. You can tell that this place is full of regulars too. The perfect place to meet people from the neighborhood. We stopped at the bar for a drink on the way out because we ran into some friends. A great place for a fantastic glass of wine and superior meal."

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