Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Forklifter Visits Bar Artisanal

Tribeca offers so many opportunities for young diners to sniff out their favorite flavors in restaurants their parents enjoy, too! Just ask the Forklifter:

Sleepover season found us with just one child to take out to dinner one Friday night. Instead of the sushi-maven, we were accompanied by the truffle-hound (and I say that with love). She's also a cheese and Iberico ham fanatic--she's an expensive date. We steered her away from Corton and into Bar Artisanal. Fondue was ordered, flatbreads, ham (of course), something delicious with truffle honey, their famous mac and cheese. Nice wines by the glass (not for the truffle hound, of course). Just another Friday night in Tribeca.

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