Tuesday, January 20, 2009


On a snowy winter night, I maneuvered 6 friends into dinner at Pepolino. It's been a long-standing favorite of mine and I was thrilled to see the spinach souffle back on the menu. Think the word "luscious" can't apply to spinach? Think again. The dish of tomato confit that's served alongside bread is addicting. My friend from L.A. was thrilled with his Octopus and black-olive dish, but I'm loyal to the braised leek spaghetti (another under appreciated vegetable that's transformed here), served perfectly al dente. But there's one thing you simply must have: the sublime cheesecake. Cheesecake is even the wrong word for it--more like a ricotta tart--so delicate and ethereal. Ed Levine acknowledged them in his NY Times cheesecake roundup a couple of years back. All their desserts are terrific (was that why I invited 6 friends...so I could share several items at once?!).

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